High Tech Gadgets? Check. Secret Lair? Check. The proof is irrefutable. I AM Batman.

It all makes sense, when you think about it.*
There’s the gadgets. Like this Bluetooth headset that I’ve reviewed at CNET.com.au:
Jabra Go 660: “Those who need both softphone and smartphone connectivity out of their Bluetooth headsets will be well served by Jabra’s combination Go 660 set.”
Now, who wants to volunteer to be Robin? (nb. The role of Robin may involve being beaten to death by the Joker. Always make sure you have sufficient insurance cover before donning the silly tights.)
OK, maybe I’m not actually Batman. ¬†Perhaps I’ve just been playing too many Batman games. Again, at CNET.com.au:
Batman: The Brave and the Bold: “The Batman of the Brave and The Bold cartoon is a square-jawed, justice-obsessed crime fighter of the Adam West type, rather than the dark and brooding Frank Miller inspired vigilante…”
Or perhaps I’ve just been playing too many Batman games.
*As long as you don’t think very hard about it.

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