Hey! Oxygen is for losers!

At least, channeling its inner Red Dwarf fan, that’s what my infected lungs are trying to tell me. And in a move of synchronicity, every male in the household has the same lung infection. Ah, sharing… it’s a not-always-wonderful thing…
Breathing is, of course optional when you’re typing, which probably explains this trio of pieces of mine for your perusal. On the news front, we have this, at PC Authority:
ICE adds the iPhone to its EPG arsenal: “Next trick for iPhone users – check tonight’s TV guide, and program your PVR to record your show by remote.”
In keeping with the iPhone theme, we then move on to this review, at CNET.com.au:
Altec Lansing T612: “iPhone 3G owners have a strong incentive to splurge on Altec Lansing’s T612. Every other iPod owner should look elsewhere, though.”
Before stepping away from consumerville, with this review of a business projector for ZDNet.com.au:
NEC NP905G2: “Despite its thin and flimsy carry case, the NP905G2 projector straddles the line between portability and a full feature set very nicely.”

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