Headsets, backup and getting to Home Base…

No, not in that way. Stop thinking what you’re thinking!*
I’ve got the hopeful-ometer cranked up to eleven for tonight’s IT Journo awards, where I’ll inevitably not win an award.
Hang on a minute. That doesn’t sound like the hopeful-ometer is working at all!
Excuse me while I hit it repeatedly with this wrench. Keep yourselves amused with these reviews, live today at CNET.com.au:
Plantronics Voyager Pro: “Plantronics’ headset design harks back to days when Bluetooth headsets were big and bulky, but it works well.”
Belkin Home Base: “Want to pump up your router’s capabilities? Belkin’s Home Base makes it simple — for a price.”

Meanwhile, in the print world, there’s also the May issue of Australian PC User Magazine. This month I’ve contributed a roundup of backup software as well as reviews of Internode’s MiFi, Edimax’s 3G-6210N, Google’s Nexus One and Nokia’s N97 Mini.
*Well, OK. You can think it for a while. If you really must.

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