Hast Du etwas Zeit für mich, Dann singe ich ein Lied fuer Dich

In between ranting at avaricious IVF couples and doing the whole Web 2.0 thing (just as it’s about to become Web 2.1), I also write stuff. Witness the following review, live today at Gadgetguy.com.au:
Apple iPod Touch: “Nobody’s ever going to write War and Peace on an iPod Touch, so it’s not a killer flaw…”
Being a freelance journalist makes one something of a word harlot, however. Over at CNET.com.au, you’ll also find my words of wisdom, albeit on a different product:
Dopod C730: “The C730 is something of a case study in how to take great and interesting technology and then make it irrelevant through poor interface design…”
My word infidelity doesn’t just stop online, either. The latest issue of PC User also has my finely toasted verbs and accurately roasted nouns within, in the form of a review of the Netcomm BP504UK Modem Router WiFi Bundle. So even if you’re nowhere near the Web — which seems unlikely if you’re reading this — then you can head to the local News agency for your Alex fix. Go on. You know it makes sense.

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