Harmony, High Power and Hadoukens

OK, that’s enough basking. Back onto the reviews horse with me.
First up, a review of Logitech’s ultra-cheap Harmony remote for CNET.com.au:
Logitech Harmony 300: “Cheap and cheerful, the Harmony 300 does what it says on the box, but not much more.”
And then at MacTheMag, a trio of iPhone-specific reviews:
Street Fighter IV: “Street Fighter IV is simultaneously an excellent display of what it’s possible to do with iPhone games and a little disappointing.”
Uniden wireless power charger: “Uniden’s wireless charger tickles our geeky-whim bone nicely, but it’s a costly option.”
Powermat: “The Powermat supplies power elegantly, but you’ll come away from it shockingly poorer.”

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