Hamagangur, ég þusti niður að læknum, bjargvættur.

And I think we’ve all felt that way, haven’t we?
(The parties responsible for me listening to such enlightened stuff know who they are. Appropriate punishments will be handed out at the allotted time.)
An unusual week, this one, as I’ve been balancing my work flow against my wife’s residential schools and assignment duties and house cleaning and keeping the kids amused and dealing with a two year old with a broken arm and speech pathology and unruly chickens and… and… and..* It’s enough to leave anyone feeling more than a bit búinn, really.
It’s a miracle I’ve written anything at all. But write I have; witness this review live at CNET.com.au as proof.
Samsung HKT600: “You could argue that the HKT600’s design has “industrial chic” if you wished. Or you could look at it and suspect that it served some time as a classic Dr Who prop.”
* Sleep. Oh Sleep. Wherefore art thou, sleep?

1 thought on “Hamagangur, ég þusti niður að læknum, bjargvættur.”

  1. By punishment you obviously mean, here have a large cheque for introducing me to the beauty of those amazing Icelandic rockers.

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