God gave Rock & Roll to you…

I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with that lyric, KISS. First of all you’re stating that God gave Rock and Roll to me, but in the same breath, you’re then giving it away to everyone, apparently.
Did you ever think that I might not have wanted to share? Rock & Roll shall be all mine!
Well, as long as Elvis doesn’t come back to claim it. But how likely is that?

All this isn’t to say that I can’t be a sharing individual. Like my words*, which are rather abundant in the June 2009 issue of Australian Netguide. How abundant, I hear you ask?
Well, if you were to open a random, non-advertisment page anywhere between pages 22 and 48… then I wrote it.
That includes a guide to Home Media Devices — including reviews of TiVo, WD TV, WD MyBook World Edition 1T, SiliconDust HD HomeRun, Apple TV — and a  guide to connecting up Windows Media Centre to your TV via Xbox 360, with pictures that reveal a startling amount about my musical tastes. Regular readers of this blog are probably already startled enough, but anyway. There’s also standalone reviews of the Apple Mac Mini, Asus Eee Top, Razer Arctosa Keyboard, Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Mouse, DualSIM Mobile Phone, StopMotion Pro Home Edition, Altec Lansing Orbit-M iMT237, Telstra 21Mbps USB Dongle, iPod Shuffle and Norton 360 3.0. But I’m not done yet! Skip forward sixteen pages, and you’ll find my reviews of DCS: Black Shark, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X, Halo Wars and House Of The Dead: Overkill.
Phew. I wonder if it’s too late to rename the title to Australian AlexGuide?

*Smooth segues are free today at alexkidman.com! Remember to tip your waiter.

2 thoughts on “God gave Rock & Roll to you…”

  1. Re: KidmanGuide — might pick up some confused customers looking for Nicole information.
    It’s clearly pedant week here at https://www.alexkidman.com.
    In any case, my notes are always based off the artist I’m listening to at the time (blame Nokia Music), so KISS gets the blame, no matter who wrote the original song.

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