Elites, Gadgets and the desire to do terrible things to couriers…

My, but I’ve been busy. So busy, in fact that the only mention I made of a column that went up yesterday was via my Twitter account. For those of you not following (why?), here it is:
Vintage Tech: Looking Back At Elite: “Some games are good. Very few are great. Even fewer are fantastic. But only one game is undeniably Elite.”
Speaking of Twitter, and keeping things online, I’ve been venting my frustration at couriers on Twitter for some time now via the use of the #punchcourierinface hashtag. Before anyone gets out the restraining orders, I’m not a physically violent man in any genuine way — it’s just a tool for expressing annoyance. Anyway, today, I jokingly commented that I use the tag enough that I should start selling T-Shirts. A certain other journalist (the guilty parties know who they are) said they’d buy one. One thing leads to another, and that leads to the…
PunchCourierInFace Cafe Press Store
As noted, I’m not doing this as a genuine revenue raiser for myself, and if anyone does buy anything, all the proceeds will head directly to BeyondBlue. If there are any graphic designers or similar who can come up with a better design they’d be willing to donate, drop me a line.
Back in the more solid, actual world, I’m also heavily within this month’s issue of PC User magazine. Astonishingly, for a magazine with such a strong cover focus on the iPad, I’ve not contributed a single iPad-centric word within. Hmm. Something might have to be done about that. Instead, what you’ll find within with my byline on it includes reviews of the Belkin F6D6230AU4 (who thinks up these names?), JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB50, Motorola DEXT, Kogan 26″ LED TV, Jabra Stone, Powermat Wireless Charging Pad, Modu Phone, Olin iPhone Wireless Charger and Flip MinoHD.
Astonishingly, if you so chose, you could buy a #punchcourierinface branded Flip Mino HD. I’m not expecting that to be a huge seller, however.

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