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More printed appearances of the byline A.Kidman — hardly a rarity in themselves these days between me and the clone, but anyway:
Issue #7 of Home Entertainment is out now — or presumably is, given that the devastatingly clever and pretty* editorial director sent me my contributor’s copy — and it features a seven-page guide to choosing an Mp3 player, written by yours truly. This is the publication formerly known as the Home Entertainment Buyer’s Guide, and the revamp looks pretty spiffy, even from an outsider’s perspective.
Meanwhile, the September issue of Netguide Magazine is also out on store shelves, — nobody’s ever given me a “real” answer as to why computer mags never carry the correct month date, but I digress — and it’s chock full of Kidman-y goodness.
Kidman-stuff with an “Alex” in front of it includes a roundup of net communications devices — that’s Webcams, Headsets and VoIP phones — as well as standalone reviews of (deep breath) ZoneAlarm Security Suite 6.5, PrintMaster Platinum 17, Norton Save & Restore, Kodak V610 digital camera, Epson EMP-S4 Projector, Zensonic Z500, Google Spreadsheets, BigPond Games Shop, Sensible Soccer 2006 (PC), Hitman: Blood Money (PC), Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis (Xbox 360) and Loco “Cuter than a basket full of kittens” Roco (PSP). Oh, and for those still reading, I also put together the Broadband ISP table, which makes for thrilling bedtime reading. Apparently, the butler did it.
But wait! That’s not all! Not to be outdone by publications of a physical form, CNET.com.au has one of my reviews up today:
Nokia E61: “What do you call something that looks like a Blackberry, acts like a Blackberry and yet offers a lot more than most Blackberry devices? Nokia calls it the E61….”.
* Alex Kidman. Sucking up (badly) to people who sign cheques since 1998.

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