Dragons and storage and wireless and wetness

These are a few of my favourite thiiiiiings!
Except that, with some minor exclusions, they’re not.
What a week it’s been. One flooded office. One wife in and out of hospital. One office cleared and stuffed into every spare nook around the place to compensate. Carpet destroyed. Carpet ripped up. Office re-painted. Insurance companies screamed at.
Somewhere in the middle of all that, I wrote a bunch of articles across multiple publications. First, at APCMag.com, I wrote about the one thing that could get me really excited about Microsoft Surface:
Microsoft Surface gets Dungeons and Dragons: “Porn may be out, but another great geek pastime gets the Surface treatment: Dungeons & Dragons.”
Then at PC Authority, I pondered Vivid Wireless’ exciting new data plans… or lack thereof:
Is it worth waiting for Vivid Wireless 4G? “Is it worth waiting for another contender to emerge in the wireless broadband space?”
Then at CNET.com.au, I cast my eye over a couple of external hard drives:
Hitachi SimpleDrive Mini 320GB: “Hitachi’s portable drive is a serviceable external drive that doesn’t stand out in a market awash with them.”
Hitachi SimpleTough 500GB: “An aptly named external drive; it’s simple and it’s tough.”
And lest I forget it (or forget to subject myself to ridicule surrounding my legs), the third part of the Byteside discussion is up live on YouTube:

3 thoughts on “Dragons and storage and wireless and wetness”

  1. Hey, there’s some high precision quality equipment down there! You can’t crush it with a black bar — it bruises easily!

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