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PC Authority
I got my start in IT journalism writing games reviews — the very first thing that I wrote for APC, back when I was Web manager there in 1998, was a review of Mech Commander. Ever since then I’ve bobbled around the games writing world, including stints of freelance writing for Official Playstation Magazine (back when the PS2 was cutting edge, folks!) and running the local version of GameSpot. But in recent years, aside from short monthly reviews for Netguide, my games writing has taken a back seat to other paid endeavours. It seems that everything that was old is new again, as my games writing is really picking up. I’m still doing Netguide monthly, as well as intermittent kids’ games reviews for CNET.com.au, and for that matter, Mac games for Australian Macworld. You can add PC Authority to that list this month, as I’ve covered the PC versions of Alone In The Dark and Mass Effect — as well as PC games news. The September issue is on sale now. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go figure out how to fit “Product Reviewer/News Journalist/Games Reviewer/Columnist/Satirist/General Writer Dogsbody” on a business card…





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