Dell Inspiron, Optus Mini WiFi, Motorola Defy and More

It’s mid-January already? How did that happen?
While most folks took the Christmas/New Year’s week off in late 2010, I’ve bucked with tradition, instead taking it a little easy over the past week. “A Little Easy” in this case involves driving more than 4,000km in the last ten days (and I don’t even like driving), as well as having a bunch of articles published. I’m not sure, on reflection, if that’s “easy” at all. But it does explain why the blog’s lain a little fallow for a week or two.
First of all, at
Dell Inspiron One 2310: “Dell’s take on the all-in-one looks great, but doesn’t quite perform as well as we’d like.”
Optus Mini WiFi Modem: “Optus’ Mini WiFi has some impressively shiny hardware, but the carrier’s charging regime remains a significant roadblock to our recommendation of it.”
Then my regular technology column at Geekspeak:
Is Touch Going To Be Enough? “Touch still relies on physical contact, and one of the other reasons why I’ve yet to be really wowed by a touch-capable notebook is the physical effort involved in reaching over to the screen.”
What’s New In Consumer Technology for 2011: “The recipe’s pretty simple; a high end Sandy Bridge Intel Chip, Two NVIDA GTX 580s for graphics processing… inside a working beer keg.”
I’m also featured in the February 2011 issue of Australian PC User, where you’ll find my reviews of Motorola’s excellent little Defy smartphone, Foxtel’s Xbox on 360 service (sans patronising TV ads, as I hadn’t seen them at the time), Kogan’s 32″ Full HD LED TV with HD Tuner, LG’s Optimus One, Western Digital’s WD Livewire Homeplugs, Telstra’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband Hotspot, the sublime GoldenEye 007 for Wii and the BoomShakaLakaTastic NBA Jam for Xbox 360. And for those who wish to be pedantic, if you think BoomShakaLakaTastic doesn’t count as a word, you’re just not thinking hard enough.

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