Darling fascist bully boy…

(one for the fans there. They know who they are…)
CNET.com.au has another of my pieces up… well, except that’s it’s not exactly mine. It’s a rewrite/update of a guide that the eminently talented Siddharth Raja wrote some time back. Basically, all the shiny new stuff is mine, and the older shiny stuff is his, edited by yours truly. On with the show!
Skype Starter Kit: “There’s plenty of VoIP players in the local market — names like Engin, MyNetFone and Freshtel come to mind — but without a doubt the big fish in the VoIP pond is Skype. With a claimed installed user base of around 220 million users — and those all within the last four years — it’s a big fish that’s hard to ignore.”

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