Cloudy Puns & Tony Stark's Mouse

I’ve not written a lot of stories about the Cloud, which probably marks me out as exceptional amongst Australia’s IT journalist community. Even the games journos who only cover Barbie-themed games have written a few Cloud pieces by now. So today, I broke with that silence via an analysis of Apple’s announcement of iCloud overnight at the ABC’s Technology & Games portal:
Is Apple’s future in clearing up the cloud, or raining with problems? “In case you’re seeing cloud and thinking white fluffy bringers of precipitation, a quick primer…”
Meanwhile, over at, an Arc Mouse. No, not the type that powers Iron Man’s armour, although it’d probably shift a few more units if it did. Or be prohibited from export by the US Military.
Microsoft Arc Touch: “It’s rather like what we’d imagine The Terminator would feel like if he were a Muppet.”

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