Cavalcade, Part Three. In Forty Parts.

I’ve written forty articles so far this week. And I’m not done yet….
First up, a brand spanking new 30 Seconds Of Tech!
If you liked that, why not have another?
At ABC Technology+ Games, a column looking at the month in Apple news:
Apple in review: No jobs for Jobs in the world’s biggest company: “In a new segment, we sum up the month for the world’s largest (and most speculated upon) tech company, Apple.”
Then, at Geekspeak, a column about Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Retires From Apple, But Very Little Will Change
and a column about technology early adopters
The Perils Of Being An Early Adopter

I’m still doing a guest editor stint at Gizmodo, which means a lot of content. A whole lot. Huuuuuuuge list below, but I’ll pull one out specially, simply because I think it’s a great story (and I think I’m the only one who’s written about it at length, which is a pity, really)
Updated: Would You Drive Across India In A Rickshaw With A Bunch Of Tech Gear? “That wasn’t an order — you don’t have to, but three brave Aussies are about get into a rickety rickshaw to do just that, for charity — and with a twenty-first century technology twist to go with their dilapidated drive.”
That’s just one of the articles I’ve penned this week. The rest… well, there’s quite a few of them….
Telstra Motorola Atrix Due For Gingerbread In September
Will Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 Have A Super AMOLED Display?
Google Launches And Kills Photovine Service In The Same Month
Robots And Dinosaurs And Plastic Hands, Oh My…
LASER’s Budget Blu-Ray Player Has A Feature Surprise
Apple Wins Further Delays For Aussie Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch
Lunchtime Deal: Android Xperia Mini X10 Pro For $99
Sydney’s Jewellery Thieves To Be Branded With Store-Specific DNA
Pink Panther Panthermobile Up For Sale
LG’s 3D Conversion Engine Will Turn Your 2D Games into 3D
Samsung’s Official Statement On Apple’s Ongoing Aussie Court Case
The Old Parking Lot Speaker Scam Gets A Modern iMakeover
Nintendo Australia’s 3DS Ambassador Program Now PDF-Free
Lunchtime Deal: Good Times For Android Users
NBN Looking Into Smart Grids, Smart Cars
Hands On With HTC Sense 3.5
How Extreme Is The PowerMonkey Extreme?
A Personal Submarine You Can Rent On Holiday
Google Nexus Prime With Super AMOLED HD Display In October?
Lunchtime Deal: Ashampoo Software For $10 Or Less
HP TouchPad Gets Android With Cyanogenmod
An Early Aussie Look At Asus’ Eee Pad Slider
Myer Gives The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 An Australian Price
Harvey: “Australians Should Be As Happy As Pigs In Sh*t”
WikiLeaks: US Worried Australia’s NBN Could Boost Piracy
Google’s Nexus One Phone Survives In Space
Windows XP’s Iconic Bliss Desktop Has Lost Some Of Its Bliss
Does Vodafone’s 850MHz Network Make A Difference In Sydney?
HP TouchPad Not Coming Back To Harvey Norman
Stephen Fry: ‘Cigarette Lighter Is History’s Greatest Gadget’
Sydney’s Oxygen Bar: Is It For Suckers?
Lunchtime Deal: Kogan Offers Free TVs
That Stolen Laptop Might Be Intercepting Your Sex Chat
Opinion: Twitter, Trams And Tech Stupidity

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