Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine and a side order of ham…

Weird lyric, I know, but one of my favourite tracks. And I’m in a weird mood, which might be down to too much Resident Evil 5. Or the insomnia. Probably the latter, and before you ask, it’s not being caused by the former.
Although with the insomnia, I have very red and bloodshot eyes right now, so I do look somewhat like a Resident Evil 5 extra. Fewer tentacles, generally speaking.
While I work through my zombie status with a liberal lathering of caffienated beverages, keep yourself busy with yet another bit of printed Kidmanalia, this time at CNET.com.au:
Dell G2210 LCD Monitor: “It’s not a glossy panel, which means on the minus side it looks less snazzy when people just stare at it, but on the plus side means you don’t go blind actually working with it.”

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