But what about my legs, Steve? She's bound to count them eventually!

2008 has been an unusual year for me, professionally speaking. I’ve gone from being one half of an income to attempting to cover an entire income — tricky, especially given current financial strains — and as a result, I’ve written all sorts of things, from advertising copy to games reviews to seemingly endless quantities of Apple stories and everything else inbetween, and often within a very short space of each other. Plus a whole lot of news, which I find an interesting pursuit, given that so much of my writing career to date has been terribly reviews-centric. Still, there’s often not a lot of similarity even between my news pieces.
Take, for example, these two stories, comissioned and written on Friday for PC Authority:
Kogan Agora – a simpler, practical Google phone? “At first we thought Kogan’s choice of name was referencing those fluffy jumpers beloved of Ed Wood Jr, but it’s actually a reference to the greek word for “marketplace”.”
Top Five Console Games of 2008: “The best of this year’s joypad twiddlers, revealed.”

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