Books and other retro items

This week’s Hydrapinion delves into the tricky question of what to do with redundant technology that still works, by way of a lucky find:
Old portable tech. It’s kitschy and fun in the short term, but what do you do with it? “I guess it’s one of the prices we pay for technological innovation, that devices that were once cutting edge and desirable can become historical jokes all too quickly…”
And I completely and absolutely forgot to mention a column I wrote for Lifehacker a couple of weeks ago on the closing down sale at Borders. Given I’ve just received an email stating they’re selling off the store fixtures, it seems apt to bring it up again:
Why Borders’ Closing Down Sale Isn’t That Exciting: “Borders is closing all but nine of its Australian stores. That means that the closing stores must be a bonanza of cheap books, right? Wrong.”

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