Blog Post #999: iPod docks and Microsoft Musings

I just realised I’m about to hit 1,000 blog entries. I should probably have a cake, or something. Although having just returned from an hour in the dentist’s torture chair, sweet things should probably off the menu for a while.
In any case, this is only blog entry #999, so such thoughts will have to wait. While you wait, and while I sit here not-so-gently bleeding, you can check out this week’s Geekspeak column, which covers the rate at which Microsoft sells copies of Windows 7 and what that means for the future:
Geekspeak: Will Microsoft continue to dominate IT? “To put that in perspective, if you were still running a ten year old OS when Windows
XP came out, you’d be running Windows 3.0 on the top of DOS. You’d also see a lot of crashes, spend an awful amount of time mucking around with config.sys files and wondering why none of your USB peripherals ever worked.” also has a review of mine for your enjoyment, as I take Sony’s fashion-conscious iPod Dock apart. Literally apart.
Sony TRiK RDH-SK8iP: “A quick twist of the holding bracket around the right speaker, then the same to the left speaker and the front cover comes off — but not either speaker, thankfully.”

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