Before you get started, I have something to say…

Bonus points for the person who identifies the song that quote is from…
Back in the slightly more serious world of my writing work, there’s the January 2009 issue of PC User Magazine. Yes, I know, it’s not 2009 yet. Don’t blame me, OK? Well, not for the cover date, anyway.
What can you blame me for in this issue? Well, there’s a roundup of Keyboards and Mice, including the Genius Navigator 525 Laser, Microsoft Explorer Mouse, Microsoft Arc Mouse, Logitech V550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse For Notebooks, Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000, Rock Water/Dust Resistant Optical 3D Mouse, Belkin F5L016 Retractable Mini Travel Mouse, Logitech DiNovo Keyboard For Notebooks, I-Rocks KR-6220G Classic Keyboard, Gigabyte GK-K6150 and Genius KB-220E.
You don’t want roundups, you say? Well, there’s always my standalone reviews of the Sony PSLX300USB Turntable, Nokia N96 and Blackberry Pearl Flip to keep you happy. And if you’re only interested in Games, I’ve got you covered as well, with a review of NBA 2K9 (ably assited, albeit not in the text, by the undeniably NBA-obsessed Chunks The Clown).
Hang on. Wasn’t I just writing yesterday about how I’m not a reviews guy any more? Yeesh…


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