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I write stuff. You may have gathered this, if you’ve read this blog before. If you’re a total newcomer, then, welcome, come in, please take your shoes off and find a comfy bean-bag. Coffee is optional, and smoking is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be fed to the Snilth Wimbat.
Having established that I scribe, you may well ask — what do I scribe? Why do I scribe? Why is Alex waffling on and on and on and on and on about writing when he’s clearly just about to plug some more of his recently published works?
Hey, they’re all great questions. Thanks for asking.*
In the print world, the March issue of PC User Magazine — Australia’s Top-Selling Technology Magazine — features a bunch of my so-called “stuff”. No cover image, sadly, as they don’t seem to have updated their covers on their site for some time, but if you head to the newsagents and look for the magazine with “PC User” written large on the cover, you can’t go too far wrong. Failing that, just stand outside the newsagent, jumping up and down and screaming “PC USER! PC USER!”. That should work. Or they’ll take you away in a tiny green van. Either solution is good.
Anyway, the March issue features my roundup of USB portable Flash drives, and why you might want one for Windows Vista — covering the Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB, Lexar Jumpdrive Lightning 4GB, Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 2GB, Legend Swivel Thumb Drive 4GB, Sandisk Cruzer Profile 1GB, Olin USB 2.0 Flash Drive 1GB, Sony Micro Vault Tiny 2GB, Verbatim Store ‘N’ Go Smart Drive 1GB, A-Data My Flash Fingerprint Disk 1GB, Rundisk UR25 1GB and Lexar Jumpdrive Mercury 1GB. Phew! Not merely content wiith USB drives, the issue also features my review of the Road Angel Navigator 7000, complete with creepy Peter Brock voiceover.
On the pixellated side of the publishing fence, has also just published a small swag of my reviews:
Multifunction printers: One-trick ponies… not! “What should you be aware of before you plunge into buying your first MFC?
Canon PIXMA MP510: “Canon’s PIXMA MP510 is an all-in-one printer with an almost perfect marriage of speed, print quality and features at an enticing price point.”
Epson CX5900: Defining the CX5900 is pretty easy; it’s really a photo printer that’s had multifunction bobbins added on…”
HP Photosmart C4180: “You’re clearly not meant to peer ’round the back of the C4180, as it almost looks like there’s a missing bit…”
And finally, from the “I-can-add-this-to-my-publications-resume-category” the Bangkok Post has published my review of the Dopod P800W:“We still couldn’t think of any description to put on it that was better than describing it as the Frankenstein’s Monster of smart phones…”
*See, I can pick up the PR delaying-the-question-for-time-or-so-I-can-rephrase-the-question tools of the trade, given enough exposure

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