A watched pot never boils…

What utter rubbish. I mean, a certain amount of basic observation proves this one false. I suppose if you happened to be extremely cold then your ambient temperature might slow the boiling process of the pot, but only at a very microscopic level, if at all. And even then, the action of your observation has nothing to do with it.
And don’t try and get all clever and rig up a webcam to a fire extinguisher, so you can watch and keep the pot from boiling. On second thoughts, do that, but remember to credit me on it. It’s a great idea, and could easily be the next YouTube sensation!
Strange, what the mind ponders. Less strange is this trio of reviews, live at CNET.com.au:
The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian: “Die-hard CS Lewis fans would undoubtedly gain more enjoyment from a decent, leather-bound set of the books, while younger fans of the movie may get some enjoyment from Prince Caspian — but it’s enjoyment that’s not likely to last very long.”
Linksys WAG160N: “Linksys’ WAG160N resides in an attractive package, and manages better than most Wireless N routers. Better than most, but still nowhere near the hype.”
Motorola EQ7 Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker: “The EQ7 offers exceptional playback quality and speakerphone ability, albeit at a somewhat exceptional price.”

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