A new client: Speaking to the Geeks

Today’s columns come from an all-new client of mine, although with something of a link to a job I held prior to becoming a tech journalist. Back in those dim dark days of the mid to late 1990s, I worked as a phone tech support monkey for a well-known cow-themed computer company for a while. An interesting job, to put it mildly. Get me drunk and I’ll tell you all about it.
Anyway, the articles today are part of the GeekSpeak blog at Geeks2U.com.au, a company that provides consumer-level tech support, albeit on-site rather than over the phone. The first four of my columns have gone live today:
What will your next digital camera be? “Digital cameras have rendered the humble old box brownie all but obsolete.”
Can you get ISP satisfaction? “Internet connectivity is everywhere you look, from PCs to smart phones to games consoles, whether it’s delivered over cables, phone lines or even wirelessly”
Remember when tech did one thing well? “Well, forget about it.”
The future of TV is nearly here, but it won’t be “free” “The bad old days of 1-5 channels (depending on where you live) are truly behind us.”

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