What goes on tour, stays on tour, as they say. Except when it doesn’t. As in the case with this Segway-laden video.

I’m possibly in the background of a few shots; sadly owing to camera issues, my epic, Mano y Mano (not to mention Brother y Brother) Segway battle was not immortalised for the ages. Not that it was much of an epic struggle. More of a “one participant whizzes around the course at top speed, only to stop at the end of the course as he realises his elder opponent has not only crashed into a table, but also somehow a wall” type of battle. A pity — if I’d displayed some true Roman ruthlessness and whizzed home rather than stopping to check that he wasn’t in fact dead, I would have made the semi-finals..

Thanks are due to our man in the Hague… sorry, I’ll read that again, our man The Hague, AKA VB The Dog, for the video footage.

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