The art of being a proud Geek dad…

I love my kids.
That shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody who knows me, but I bring it up now because of one very particular incident today.
My oldest son, James, attends Pre-school, and they’re doing “letter days”, where they go over the alphabet, and the kids bring in an object that corresponds to that day’s letter. So for A you might bring in an Apple, for B a Ball, and so on. For C, James brought in a picture of one of our cats that I printed off for him.
Today’s letter was “D”, and James was terribly insistent and specific as to what he wanted to bring in with him. Not for him the common Dog, Dora The Explorer, Dragon or picture of Damietta*. No indeed.
James insisted that he be allowed to take in a Dalek.
As a geek dad, I couldn’t be more proud.
* An Egyptian Port. See, this blog can be educational, too!

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