Still sick

There’s all sorts of cool things about freelancing. Like the 35 second commute to work, and the fact that I can write breaking news wearing my pyjamas, for example.
Then again, there’s some big downsides. I’d dearly love to get paid any time soon (the Kidman bank vaults have this hollow “clang” sound to them, and the clang itself is just me dropping the crowbar), and that’s not being helped by being sick. There’s no such thing as a paid sick day when you’re a freelancer, and this annoying bloody infection is stopping me working — and starting to make my deadlines stack up in rather annoying positions.
Back to lying down now. Nothing written to promote here.

4 thoughts on “Still sick”

  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering if your cat ever got paralyzed from eating the skink? My cat did and I am still trying to find out more information about it.
    If I were you I would not encourage your cat to eat these creatures!!!

  2. No, no health problems related to Skinks per se. And for what it’s worth, we try to stop the cats eating skinks whenever we can (but of course if they catch one and we don’t know about it there’s not a lot we can do.)
    I hope your cat gets/got better!

  3. Our cats love to bring the skinks/penny lizards inside for a play. It’s a game called “hide the detached tail and seek.”

  4. Any skink that comes inside is free game here. Depending on the time of day it can be a race between child and cat to who gets to it first.
    However I do think the most interesting critter to make its way inside was a frog – and yes we got it back outside before the cats got to it.

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