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Something different in the publishing sphere, that is. I’ve just had a blurb published in the St Lukes Hornsby Heights church bulletin, which is about as far away from consumer IT journalism as one can get. Now, with the exception of my wife, I’d be guessing that most of my meagre readership doesn’t in fact recieve this august journal, but not to fear: I’ll repeat it in its entirety here. Bonus points to anyone besides my wife who can name everyone involved. You may use tracing paper if it helps.
Concidence or plan?
From an external perspective, life can seem to be full of little coincidences.
There’s this Minister I know called Denis. His children use maths software, the marketing for which is done by a good friend of mine — we even dated rather disastrously while we were both in High School, but that’s another story. She used to go on beach mission with a guy who I also know — mainly because that guy’s brother was best man at my wedding. Their sister got married a few years ago to another guy who was at Moore College… at the same time as this Minister I know called Denis. His children use maths software…
These kinds of links and loops might seem coincidental, and perhaps it could be seen that way, if it weren’t for a bigger link between all of these people, some of whom don’t know each other at all. Everyone in the chain is a Christian. As Christians we know that these seemingly coincidental links are are in no way coincidental and that the support we offer each other is merely a minor reflection of our spiritual connection to God through Jesus:
Romans 12:5 “So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.”
Being a Christian isn’t just about a solitary journey; not only can we support each other in our individual spiritual journeys, but also build up larger loops of people, and even the most insignificant parts of witnessing ministry can have long-term effects.

3 thoughts on “Something different”

  1. Alex, this is beautiful… and I recognise a coouple of the people in there 😉
    1. me
    2. Craig
    3. Vaughan
    4. Myfanwy
    5. have no idea

  2. I would have gotten two out of those five, only because I didn’t know Vaughn’s brother’s or wife’s name.
    I still think I made a cute bridesmaid.

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