So, you've just had a nice meal…

With plenty to snack on, all washed down with a few too many* Margaritas. Your stomach is full, you’re feeling content with the world, and you’re swapping a few bon mots with your fellow semi-inebriated wordsmiths. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you spot a plaque on a wall, somewhat hidden out of view. Being the inquisitive type, you peer in to read it. There are plenty of things it could be — but once you’ve read it, you really, really wish it wasn’t this:
Our fast food isn't just bad for you. It's REALLY bad for you.
Wow. Just… wow. I mean, I know that the US is a somewhat litigious society, and that modern life more or less guarantees that breathing in may in fact cause cancer. Still, I guess I can work out why it’s hidden in a corner, at the same time as wishing I’d spotted it before walking in.
*In this case, a few too many is equal to “I lost count, and in any case they were coming out in tumblers, which makes it harder to measure…”

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