So, I run into him a week later in the mall and he's buying another cat…

(with apologies to Kevin Smith, but for once, the subject line actually is contextual. Miracles can happen..)
Those who’ve been reading this blog for a while probably have better things to do, like dealing with that unpleasant rash. Yeah, I know all about it. The cameras are watching you..
Ahem. Ignore that last bit. That whirring noise definitely isn’t a zoom lens over your shoulder, by the way.
Anyway, if you have been reading for a while, you’ll be aware that we’ve had issues with skinks and similar lizards getting into the house — and generally eaten by the cats. Unless we catch them first.
Well, we hadn’t seen many skinks around recently. In fact, none.
Cut to yesterday, right around the time we were dealing with two very itchy little boys — the chickenpox epidemic continues unabated — and right around the time the freezer was dying, taking all the food with it — AKA my middle name is “Kvetch” — I heard a commotion by the back door, led by our stupidest cat, Harriet. It turns out that Harriet’s found something a little bit bigger than a skink — but the back door is prohibiting her ability to actually catch it.
Apologies for the awful video quality — stupidly, I did have a couple of actual video cameras in the house that could have captured something far more visually pleasing, but of course all I grabbed was the still camera, which can only do low-quality video.
On reflection, it’s probably a good thing that Harriet didn’t catch it. Of course, now that we have a snake to eat the skinks, we’re going to need something to eat the snake. Like, say, a mongoose. I’m sure a mongoose could eat one snake. Then we’ll need a tiger, to eat the mongoose. And then a crocodile, to eat the tiger — tigers aren’t native species, after all…

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