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Short Story Challenge Week 36: Haiku Time

Because poetry can tell stories, too. It’s time for week 36 of my short story challenge!

This week… eh, it’s been a challenging one in a lot of ways, and I’d be lying if I said I was struck all that much by inspiration along the way.

So I thought I’d flex my creative muscles in a different way with a quartet of Haiku, instead.

(If you’re coming in late, I’m doing a year-long set of short stories, you can read the prior ones here. Haiku tells a very short story, and in any case right at the start I stated the only rule was, essentially, no rules. So there.)

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And now, on with the poetry.

Haiku Time

Autumn leaves clog up
The gutter on the rooftop
Sweeping is so dull.

Where are my keys now?
Did I lock them in the car?
Winter snow chills me.

Spring sun opens up
The flowers in the garden
Bees descend en masse.

There is no sauce left
The summer barbecue dies
Utter tragedy.

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