I found this pretty funny:
Rugby is pretty simple, there are two rules:
1) Beat the crap out of the opposition.
2) Don’t let the referee observe you beating the crap out of the opposition.

Oh, and there’s some shizzle about not passing forward or running off the pitch, but that’s all secondary to the two main rules.
Fencing rules SHOULD be:
1) Stab the other guy.
2) Don’t get stabbed by the other guy.

Of course, the two very young children I’m watching over didn’t quite understand my giggling.. but they joined in anyway.
(Rules blatantly lifted from here)






6 responses to “Rules…”

  1. Christian Avatar

    Sounds a lot like bloodbowl, doesn’t it? I haven’t played that for ages now. I’ve even packed all my Warhammmer minis away into the shed. Sigh, I must be getting old…

  2. Alex Avatar

    Indeed. I couldn’t even tell you where my miniatures were. Clearly, you’ll have to come up to Sydney for a 10th Anniversary tournament (or something like that).

  3. Christian Avatar

    Now that sounds like a good idea. We will be in Sydney around Easter, and by the looks of things we should make a trip around July as well. Congrats!

  4. Di Avatar

    Where will you be staying? and timeframe for Easter?
    July would be good 🙂 too

  5. Christian Avatar

    We’re heading up for Matthew’s (that’s Cav and Ness’ little one) dedication over Easter. So we’re probably staying there, but we’ll have to try to get to see you guys while we are up.

  6. Di Avatar

    Yes you will – must plan it next year when the sillyness of Christmas and New Year is over 🙂

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