One step forwards, three weeks back

I perhaps overdid it yesterday — I cleaned and swept the verandah and driveway, washed the front windows and cleaned the car — with help from a little suds-soaked girl, naturally.
Of course, it’s raining this morning.
The overdid it part didn’t become evident until later in the afternoon, when my appendix scar started hurting, just as it had done a month ago. It’s a little better this morning, thankfully, but I think — well, I hope — I’m in for a quiet day of resting.
With two kids to look after. Yeah, like that’ll happen.
On the plus side, I finished another game: Destroy All Humans lies as a shattered pile of burning fleshy wreckage before my alien might. A fun game; limited in some ways that keep it from true brilliance, but fun nonetheless. Currently working through Total Overdose and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns — not that I’ll ever really “finish” the latter.

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  1. Nah, the spelling’s not funky enough. IT’d have to be Reigyne or something like that, maybe chuck in a couple of Q’s to confuse the buggers.

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