Movember: Day Two: Mo'thing to report…

There’s a whole lot of hair growth going on…
But clearly not on my face. So far, all I’ve grown is a shaving cut on the left side of my mouth. Ow!
While I’m suffering for your enjoyment, you could be sponsoring me, like today’s awesome sponsors, Adam Turner (who in fact agreed to sponsor me way before the first touch of razor on skin or mo on lip) and Tony Williams. Both gentlemen of an awesome pedigree, I’m sure you’d agree.
But how can I join their esteemed company?
Why, it’s simple my dear chap/chapess/asparagus (delete where applicable). Just click here and you’ll be whisked away by the magic of the intertubes to the Movember donation page. Click on “Donate To Me” and follow the prompts. Who knows — it might just help my Mo’ grow faster!

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