Movember: Day Three: Give me your Mo'ney…

Probably the most unflattering photo possible awaits your unbelieving eyes…

I turned into Jabba The Hutt so slowly, I never even realised it...
I turned into Jabba The Hutt so slowly, I never even realised it…

OK, so there’s not a whole lot of Mo’ action going on as yet. You should have seen me last week — four straight days of being busy shifting books, DVDs and CDs left me no time to shave and a pseudo-beard that was well on its way to Missing Link status. The Mo’ will come — in time.
What has been coming thick and fast, however, are donations, and I’ve got to give a huge cheer to Chris & Kylie, David and Gus for coming forth with generous donations. The current total is….
(you’ll have to think of a drumroll here. I could embed a sound file, but this isn’t 1997…)


Awesome. Excellent stuff — I feel as though I’m nicely on the way to cracking last year’s total of just over $1,000. But of course I can’t stop here — and won’t be shaving my upper lip for the rest of the month and taking pictures (some of which will probably be even less flattering) for your amusement. All you have to do is cough up the cash by clicking here to donate.
A side note: I’ve noticed that sometimes clicking on the link to my donation page just dumps you at the Movember main site. Maybe that’s just me, or some weird caching issue, but if that does happen to you, please try again. I’d imagine the site itself’s rather busy right now hosting a whole ton of very busy pages. Likewise, apparently Paypal donations might not work, but please don’t let that put you off donating.






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