Movember: Day Thirteen: Mo'iling

I’m certainly agitated today.

Moiling. A great word. Look it up if you don't know what it means.
Moiling. A great word. Look it up if you don't know what it means.

I was discussing the origins of my name with a colleague today, and wanted to find some online resources that tell the tale a little better than I could with my rather faulty memory. For those who don’t know (which would be all but about three readers of this blog), I was named for a somewhat obscure saint who spent a large proportion of his life living in a stair cupboard toiling away working for what happens to be his own wife (she didn’t know this)  to prove something about his devotion to God. Or perhaps he was — and I’m just throwing this one out there — a bit on the odd side. Still, with Movember being all about men’s health and especially depression issues, I should not mock.
I was, however, more than a bit furious to find one description of the story that said that it was “like Harry Potter”.
Hence moiling, which I’m using in the sense of being agitated. Describing a bit of classic literature as being like a bit of overhyped and definitely over-lauded fiction because two characters happen to share a similar style of abode gets my blood boiling a bit, it does.
Luckily, just as I was about to get to that bit where the steam comes out of one’s ears (which I’m sure would hurt a bit), donations came flowing in to my Movember fund!


Crisis averted. Huge, huge thanks to the uber-lovely Jocelyn and Nicole, whose generous donations bring the total kitty to…


We’re almost halfway through the month, and we’re over halfway to the $1,000 mark, which was where I reached last year. Remember — I’d love to top that, but I can only do that with your donations. Plenty of your donations.
Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s all part and parcel of being named after a Saint, you see — you get to read people’s thoughts via Web pages. Wasn’t that handy a skill to have up until the last ten years, I can tell you. Anyway, you’re thinking “but how can I donate to Alex’s Movember fund raising efforts?”
(and if you’re not thinking that, you certainly should be…)
Shortly after, you’re probably thinking “Hang on. He can read my thoughts! Argh! Get out of my head, Alex! Out! Out!”
Don’t worry. I only use these powers for good. Well, mostly good, anyway.
Anyway, donating couldn’t be simpler. Just click on this link, and it’ll whisk you away through the magic of the Internet to the Movember site, where you can see a picture of last year’s Mo’ as a special bonus before donating. Australian citizens should note that donations over $2 should be tax deductible. Citizens of other countries should consult their local tax laws, but in any case, that shouldn’t stop you donating too.

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