Movember: Day Six: Going through the Mo'Mo'tions…

As Daryl Hall used to sing. But John Oates had all the fine Mo’ action in that relationship anyway…
But there is some motion! Something’s happening in the growth department. And, as I knew it would, the hair lower down on the Mo’ is darker than the stuff on my upper lip. It’s weird, and it’s only going to get more weird.
Speaking of weird, I was chatting online to a friend of mine (who really ought to click on this link and sponsor me now, hint hint) as he’s taking part in the National Novel Writing Month, AKA NaNoWriMo this month. I’m not, but then I write for a living anyway. He’s not growing a Mo’ (to the best of my knowledge). Together, though.. we’re doing NaNoWriMoMo’….
OK, it’ll never catch on.Put a drum beat behind it though, and you could have a #1 hit.
But what should catch on is sponsoring me for Movember. All you have to do (insert swirly hypnotic thing here) is click on this link and sponsor me. So far I’ve had family members, friends and only a single PR sponsorship. C’mon Team PR! Where’s the Mo’ love at?

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