Movember: Day Four: Mo'lf Harris

Can you tell what it is yet?

Artists impression. Actual face may contain some hair. Not much, mind...
Artist's impression. Actual face may contain some hair. Not much, mind...

Well, it’s certainly not much of a Mo’. Yet. Although the crappy iSight Webcam isn’t helping matters much, and there is some growth happening.
It doesn’t seem to matter much in any case, as the donations keep on flowing in. Today, the wonderful Simon and the equally wonderful Debbie donated to the cause, bringing the running total up to….


Awesome. Perhaps not growing a Mo’ could reap me even more funds than actually growing one. But just to put my sponsors minds at rest, despite the pics I’m not shaving in the relevant lip-based areas — it’s just not showing up much in any case.
Anyway, while $425 is awesome, more awesome would be beating last year’s total. Hopefully by a healthy amount. And that can only happen if you — that’s right, YOU — donate now! Click Now! The clock is ticking! And if nobody donates, I might have to start singing “Jake The Peg”!!
(Author’s note: Single donations of $2,000 or more would be required for me to sing Jake The Peg. I would, however put it up on YouTube for the whole world to mock. Just a thought, mind you.)

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