Movember: Day Five: Mo're hair!

A seriously hairy creature awaits your gaze…

In order to grow facial hair, it's vital to consult with the experts
In order to grow facial hair, it's vital to consult with the experts

Hey, I never said it was *me* with all the facial hair, did I?
In any case, while the Mo’ is coming along nicely — it’s a bit far away from the camera to really show up well — the donations are coming in thick and fast.
Today’s donation star is the lovely and beautiful Anna, who even managed to donate from a completely different time zone and country. If she can do it folks, so can you. And with her donation, the current total is…


Almost half way to last year’s full month total. Things are, as they say, looking up, but there’s still a long, long way to go. And only further donations can make the total grow — and with the exception of my generous army of existing donators… donatees? doners? No, then they’d be kebabs… well, anyway, except for the folks what has given money already, THAT MEANS YOU!
How can I donate, I hear you ask? (I have microphones everywhere). It couldn’t be simpler. Click on this link. Then on Donate To Me on the Movember page that comes up, and you’re done. Couldn’t be easier.

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