Movember: Day 15: Mo'vin Right Along

The lack of new donations has given me an unfortunate facial tic..

Darned thing's mesmerising. You could stare at it for hours...
Darned thing's mesmerising. You could stare at it for hours…

Clearly, only donations to my Movember Donation Page can fix this unfortunate malady. Give now! Give plenty!
We’re at the halfway mark in terms of the month, and the grand total sits at…


Awesome work, and thanks again at the halfway mark to Adam, Angus, Chris & Kylie, David, Simon, Debbie, Anna, Zara, Jocelyn and Nicole. You’re all in my good books.
As for the rest of you — well, if you’ve been following these updates for any length of time now, you know what to do. Tear yourself away from the handsome devil above and donate now! I mean, c’mon — do you want me to have to sit here all night twitching for your amusement?
Oh.. you do. Well, in that case, twitching ain’t free, punk. Pay up now!






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