Movember: Day +11: The final tally…

So, how much money was my Mo’ (and persistent nagging) worth?
OK, it’s taken me a little longer than I anticipated to actually do my final Movember writeup.Blame a ton of work to do, 3,000km to drive to Adelaide and back, and the messy job of actually dealing with the Mo’ itself.*
And I’m sure that everyone’s sick of looking at badly posed photos of my upper lip, no matter how I warp, bend and distort them in Photoshop. So no final pic.
Anyway, heading into the last day, I’d just cracked the $1135 barrier.. barely. I knew a few people who had promised to sponsor me who hadn’t, but I honestly didn’t have high hopes. Still, I dutifully hit Twitter and Facebook with consistent drum beating and Mo’ waving action… and the donations started to come in.
First a few smaller donations. Then a larger one. Then some more smaller ones. Then a much larger one.. until, at the end of the day, the final total stood at…


Utterly amazing. Huge thanks to everyone who donated, especially my last minute donators — James, Marcia, Cobby, Nick, Michael, Matthew, Josh and Seamus.
People are already asking me if I’ll do it next year. That’s one heck of a target, and I’d have to do something (and grow something) even sillier to even try to beat it. Hmm… anyone got any ideas?
*RIP: My Mo’. 1/11/2009-30/11/2009. Rest in furry peace, my fundraising friend.

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