Long shot…

You know how you sometimes get a name pop up in your head, months, or sometimes years after you’ve last talked to that person? It happened to me last night, when for some inexplicable reason, my mind cast itself back to my primary school days, and one of my friends from that era who I haven’t spoken to in a clear twenty years — maybe more. But stranger things have happened as the result of naming people on this blog, so here goes with perhaps my longest shot ever:
Anyone (and I guess the 2.5 Armidale readers I have are perhaps the best shot going) know anything about the whereabouts of Jacqui Gowing? Attended ACPS from, I guess, 1978-1985, then Armidale High from 1986 to at least 1987 (when I left), which would presumably have seen her finishing High school between 1989-91 (depending on when she left). The only other things I can recall is that her dad was on the local Police force (and thus their phone number was unlisted) and that her mum worked the front greeting/security position at K-Mart for many, many years — at least up until my UNE days (93-95), and probably further on than that.
Anyone? Bueller?

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