Kidman 1, Small Dogs 0

Phew. Another Birthday out of the way, and the closest I came to a small dog was my son’s stuffed puppy, appropriately named “Woof”.
A nice weekend was had by all; my father-in-law’s birthday falls the day before mine, and my son’s birthday wasn’t that long ago, so we did a combined family BBQ/Lunch/Celebration on Saturday, complete with much food and the traditional passing over of gifts. Then in the evening, Zoe and James’ Godparents came round for dinner, and to give James his birthday present — the largest Elephant in the whole wide world (tm, patent pending). Photos may be forthcoming for those who are interested.
Sunday, the day at which I was most at risk from dog attack, was spent having lunch with friends from Church, and then starting the rather frightening job of sorting out the DVD collection. One of these days, I’ll even get a review out the door — well, maybe.

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