It would be remiss of me…

Not to note and celebrate my elder brother’s birthday today.
Then again, I’m at home, sick, with two kids, and he’s in Vegas, probably firmly ensconced in a mountain of dodgy consumer electronics and even more dodgy silicon cleavages. He’s no doubt celebrating enough for both of us.
(It would be doubly remiss of me not to mention that it’s also my nephew Charlie’s birthday. That one I did forget. Oops. It’s a good job I have a beautiful and talented wife, eh readers?)






2 responses to “It would be remiss of me…”

  1. Christian Avatar

    As long as he brings you home some samples. Er, of the electronics, not the cleavages. DD would be upset me thinks 🙂
    Happy birthday to unclean gus. Er, uncle angus.

  2. Vaughan Avatar

    As long as you aren’t so remiss as to forget my birthday.

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