How to get "ahead" in business

Those not following the twitter or facebook feeds might not be aware of my current predicament. On Saturday, I took the kids to Taronga zoo, and parked in the new shiny concrete car park.
Anyway, I then proceeded to slip on a puddle of water and land neatly on my head, taking off a few layers of skin and removing most of what I laughably call my “senses” in the process.
(Oh, and to answer a really persistent question; no, I won’t be suing Taronga. Its my accident, I slipped, and in any case, suing a zoo would mean less money for… well… Zoo stuff. The hippos would go hungry, and I can’t have that on my conscience.)
The last couple of days have been interesting. And frustrating. And dizzy. And I can feel my inherited workaholism kicking in, but cant do much about it until I recover. Which is a slow process; today, for example, I sat up for a whole hour. Doesn’t sound like much, until you can’t do it. Tomorrow, with a bit of luck, I might go for the double.
So be grateful for what you’ve got; I am, given I’ve got friends and relatives in worse predicaments. I’m also grateful for the kind words that have come forth from friends, acquaintances and business colleagues. You guys rock.

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