How much???

That Halo 3 Xbox 360 sold — for a cool $24,300. Of course, it would have been more noteworthy had Microsoft followed correct eBay etiquette, and charged an additional 50% for shipping “just to make a profit”…
To put that into some sort of perspective, that means that Master Chief is worth a bit over forty-five Kerri-Anne Kennerleys.
Imagine an army of 45 Kerri-Annes, all dressed in pink, coming at you. They’re humming tunelessly as they walk in perfect step, and, of course, they’re smiling. You can see your terrrified reflection in their ninety vacant, glassy eye sockets as you vainly try to run…
This message brought to you by the “Campaign To Make Sure You Don’t Sleep Soundly Tonight”. Y’all have a good night tonight, hear?

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