Google vanity search strikes again…

I often get asked why I write so much in this blog. Depending on my mood, I either say that it’s a part promotional vehicle for my freelance journalism work, part keeping-in-touch-with-the-family blog. Or I tell the questioner about that deep, dark night in the Transylvanian woods, the lurking horror, the sudden bite and the curse that has remained with me ever since that fateful day… but usually only when I’ve had too much to drink.
Clearly, though, both approaches were wrong. The site actually exists so that old school friends of mine can find themselves via Google vanity search. Or, in other words, Hi Adam.
(and just for the hell of it, still MIA: Leigh Beuttell, Keith Bush (both ex-Tom Hood School, late 80’s, James Gardiner, last heard of doing engineering in Melbourne sometime in 1999, and to replace Adam, why not Simon Bennett, last seen very drunk in the New England Hotel in 2002 and doing some kind of Web design work in Brisbane. Why bother with Schoolfriends and the like when Google and people’s own vanity will do the work for me?)

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