Enough with the singin' already!

“Our next cartoon features Slappy The Squirrel!”
You’ll have to forgive me for being somewhat brain fried. On Friday, at about 2pm, I set off in the car with all three kids in the back. On Sunday, at about 7:30pm, I arrived home. Exactly where I started from on Friday. Between those two times, I discovered the following factoids:

  • Travelling more than 1400km within three days hurts. A lot.
  • The managing director of the Iluka Bowls club is still called Clem. I think I tagged him as El Presidente last time. Sorry about that, Clem. If you’re reading this. Which seems unlikely, on the whole.
  • Speaking of the Iluka Bowls Club, if you ever have a spare five thousand to feed, go there and order the children’s fish and chips. Whale-sized portion would only start to describe it. Thankfully, Mr 4. is a stubborn chap.
  • I do know more about networking than I really want to. But there’s still more to learn. I covered off a minor class in WAN bypass setup to a small round of applause over the weekend.
  • Sawtell Beach Report: It’s still there, some twenty-and-change-odd years since I last visited it.
  • When faced with a choice between reading a tacky, trite, badly-written romance novel with a picture of a rose on the cover and an autobiography of Ita Buttrose, PICK THE ROMANCE NOVEL. Learn from my mistakes.
  • My children enjoy Animaniacs almost as much as I do. Although it is rather odd to be only listening to them, rather than watching them — a consequence of the DVD player screen pointing towards the children, but the sound going everywhere.
  • Kempsey still has a book store just called “Books”, but it’s also been joined by a riverfront Coles Shopping centre. With, according to the board on the outside of the centre, NO other shops in it all all. Lots of spaces — no shops. Kempsey is officially bizarre.
  • You don’t argue with nonagenerians. They’re tough. Then again, they have to be.

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