Energizer Bunny Thread

(because it just keeps going, and going, and going…)
Classically speaking, there are a couple of ways to generate interest in things on the Internet. Pictures of naked ladies apparently do pretty well for whatever reason, as does search engine spamming, or for that matter having your work Dugg, or Slashdotted, or Farked or whatever. Oh, and that picture of the obese gentleman scooping his hand into the jar of mayonnaise. That did pretty well, for its time.
There is another way, though — annoying people, especially fan bases. The clone is well aware of this one — apparently he still gets mail from people who thinks he hates (or is) Dannii Minogue. My entry in this field comes courtesy of Delta Goodrem, and a blog entry I wrote in March last year that got a huge response from the fanbase, most of it angry.
Earlier this week, for whatever reason, they came back. Site traffic went boom again, although this time the comments were left to two people, both of them complimentary — they “got” what I was venting about in the first place. A quick dig through the site stats showed where the link was, and one trip off to the offical Delta forums revealed this thread. A thread I’ve now contributed to, which should hopefully cool tempers and see my traffic move back towards the IT (and perhaps parenting) crowd. We shall see.
Although, speaking of traffic, a family member made me aware this week that I probably won’t be seeing any traffic from the NSW Department Of Education any time soon. Apparently, the inbuilt filtering software on the school network defines this site — the one you’re reading right now — as pornographic. I don’t get it. There are no subliminal messages, or pictures of women’s pink bits here, or anything like that. The closest I’d come to anything like that would be in the entries describing my snip operation (information, no pictures, no swearing) or in the birth of the kids — again, informative, not exploitative.
Anyone know which band of idiots filtering company the department uses?

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