An entry for the family members here. Zoe started at Kindergarten today.
zoe1stday5.jpg zoe1stday10.jpgzoe1stday15.jpgzoe1stday12.jpg
I’m just going to go off in a corner and feel old, if it’s all the same to you.






6 responses to “Eep.”

  1. Annalisa Avatar

    (Alex, could you pass this on to Zoe?)
    Dear Zoe, you look like such a grown-up big-school girl! Your classroom looks lovely and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time in Miss Scanlon’s class. Remember that Jesus will be with you all day, even at school, so you can always talk to him if you need to 🙂 Love, Annalisa

  2. Christian Avatar

    You feel old? Marcus started year TWO this week and next year Heather will be in Kindy.

  3. Alex Avatar

    Would it be a really cheap shot for me to say that I just “feel” old?
    Yes, it would. So I’ll refrain.

  4. Christian Avatar

    All I need is a rocking chair, blanket, shotgun and practice in the phrase “You hooligans, git of mah lawn!”

  5. Alex Avatar

    And a long white straggly beard. Or a beard of bees. Either would be good. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a beard, however, so the whole plan may be coming undone…

  6. Christian Avatar

    It’d have to be bees for me.

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