Donald Trump (black version), maybe that's what you need…

Yeah, it’s not a very good song lyric, all things considered.
This week’s been a bit weird. How weird? Well, how about this, for starters, from my Facebook status page:

And that’s not me talking to myself. Although I do feel compelled to point out that of the six other “Alex Kidman” identities on Facebook, only one of them accepted my friend request. Clearly, Alex Kidmans aren’t all that trusting of strangers, even if they do share the same name.
It’s also somewhat disturbing to note that a search for “Alex Kidman” on Facebook with default settings brings up seven individuals (including myself) with that name, along with “A comprehensive list of people who are just sh** — Australian Chapter”. Very weird. I’m not even on the list, by the way…
Or then there’s the other night, when I’m actually having a rare second of free time, and spending it (as one does) blowing away not-so-innocent pixels, in this case on Space Giraffe.
And then I realise that I’m playing a game written by a mildly insane Welshman with a ruminant fixation, in which I play an interplanetary ungulate that collects flowers with its hooves. And as I collect flowers, and my truly random, off-the-NAS playlist turns over, Bette Midler starts singing “The Rose”.
I don’t think that even surreal is surreal enough for that one…

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